Rose Geranium Cleansing & Facial Massage Oil

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Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil for Dry, Oily or Combination Skin 

Cleansing oils dislodge even the heaviest of make-up in seconds (even waterproof mascara) and nourish skin whether it is parched by heat or sub-zero temperatures. Think you can't use a cleansing oil if you have oily skin? Think again. Our oil sloughs away the paste-like mixture of dead skin cells and sebum to prevent congested pores, with makes it perfect for those with acne-prone skin. For a really satisfying and spa-worthy ritual, massage it right into your face as part of a night time ritual.  

Cleansing with oil is one of the most delicate, but effective ways to remove makeup and impurities form your skin.

Fight fire with fire and oil with oil. Applying oil to already oily skin can help manage pore-clogging sebum. Simply massage into skin and melt dirt, dead skin, makeup (even waterproof mascara) away. Gently remove with warm wet wash cloth. Repeat if necessary. Even mechanics & grease monkeys can benefit with using oil to remove grease and grime. Frequent washing of hands can cause dry irritated skin, so whether your oil is in the garage, the shower, or next to the sink, this can be your first or only step to cleaner healthier skin.

Directions: Pump into dry hands, massage over a dry face in gentle, circular motions for at least a minute to dislodge every last stitch of make-up, then gently wipe off with warm washcloth. Your skin will be squeaky clean.

Ingredients: carthamus tinctorius (*safflower) seed oil, ricinus communis (*castor) seed oil, vitis vinifera (grape seed) oil, rosa damascene (rose) oil, and pelargonium capitatum x radens (rose geranium) oil. * organic ingredient