Find Relief From Your Allergies This Spring

Find Relief From Your Allergies This Spring

Posted by Kelsey Johnson on 20th Apr 2020

Hurray its spring! For many the previous statement is true.  Sadly there are some who do not feel that way. Why? One word, ALLERGIES.  Seasonal allergies affect over 50 million Americans every year.  Allergies can make life miserable!  I speak from personal experience.  Ever since I can remember, I have struggled with seasonal allergies. I have always enjoyed being outdoors but my allergies would make it almost impossible to do so at times - I was stuck indoors more than I would have liked.

I'm sure many can relate to my experience.  Those of us who struggle with allergies are constantly looking for ways to improve our situation.  At times medication is required.  I myself have tried many medications, some work, and sadly many do not.  I am now a mother of two and while pregnant it can be hard to find allergy medications that are safe. Horrible right?! Thankfully I survived both pregnancies haha! I know that sounds dramatic, but it was horrible at times.

Nevertheless I am always interested in ways to improve or at least find some relief from allergy symptoms.  I prefer natural solutions, if at all possible. Something I found super surprising and neat is that certain candles can help with allergies! How is that possible?  Let’s look into it.  Interestingly, beeswax a candles burn with almost no smoke and clean the air by releasing negative ions into the air. Negative ions can bind with toxins and help remove them from the air. They are effective at removing common allergens like dust and dander from the air. Negative ions also neutralize air pollutants and render them harmless. These candles may be helpful for those with asthma as well. Neat right?!

Now we know that these types of candles are beneficial for those of us with allergies, it is important to know where can we get some. I’m sure many would agree that It can be overwhelming to search the internet for hours and hours to find something we want.  There are so many products out there!  Let me tell you about my favorite candles. You can get them at These candles come in amazing scents!  Some of my favorites are Early Grey, Pumpkin Vanilla Chai and Woodland Timber.  Plus their candles last longer than most, which saves money!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts we cannot completely eliminate seasonal allergies. In that case, we will need something that can help ease our discomfort.  Some symptoms linked to allergies are stuffed up sinuses.  Which cause headaches and dry skin around our nose from constantly trying to blow our noses.  A must-have in my house is the Cold & Sinus Herbal Balm.  This product is a non-medicated formula that contains pure essential oils including eucalyptus, camphor, tea tree, and lavender. This is a perfect mix of ingredients that will relieve sinus inflammation and gently moisturize dry irritated skin.  This balm also  contains natural beeswax and high quality organic oils as a base.  Completely safe ingredients, perfect when your miserable and desperate for relief.

As a mom I completely trust this product to use on my kids.  Even when they were tiny, they were able to use the Herbal Balm when they were stuffed up.  Even my youngest son who has suffered from eczema  since he was born can use this herbal balm with absolutely no issues. Another factor that I like about this in particular product is that it is very easy to carry around either in your purse or diaper bag.  Why not give it a try, and be among the many to experience effective and affordable relief for their allergy symptoms. That way you can enjoy this spring, and many more to come!