London Fog Anyone?

London Fog Anyone?

Posted by Kelsey Johnson on 2nd Apr 2021

I’m so excited to write about one of my favorite drinks! I must admit, most of my life I chose coffee over tea. Coffee always won because I love how cream and coffee complement each other, how could tea compare? It turns out, tea and milk, especially when done right, can definitely hold its own when compared to coffee! Thus, the London fog comes into play. The London fog drink consists of earl grey tea, milk and normally vanilla syrup.

I first tried a London fog at a friends house. They were bustling with excitement to share their new favorite drink with my husband and I. We were not disappointed! As we watched our host make this drink my mouth watered. She first made the tea, frothed the whole milk and then at the end, added a bit of vanilla syrup. The smell alone was fabulous. During my first sip I enjoyed the floral, sweet and creamy smells and taste. Since then we have been hooked! In fact, my husband made sure our next coffee maker had a milk frother and a tea setting so he could have his daily London fog.

Not only does this drink taste amazing, but the main ingredient ‘earl grey tea,’ has some great health benefits. In fact, it’s leaves are known for having strong antioxidant properties and can even improve your immunity. Like coffee, earl grey tea can boost your energy. Earl grey tea contains caffeine in safe quantities that can perk you up and keep you active through the day. It also keeps you hydrated unlike coffee (please keep in mind I still love my coffee as well and know it also has health benefits). Earl grey tea can also aid digestion and digestion related problems. It is known to relieve constipation and even acid reflux. The bergamot oil present in the tea can prove to be an effective tool in improving the functions of the immune system. The antioxidants in bergamot destroy harmful free radicals. If you were wondering what free radicals are, they are basically by-products of oxygen metabolism that are toxic in nature and can induce significant damage to our system by causing ‘oxidative stress’. The antioxidants present in the tea counter this stress. Bergamot also has natural aromatherapy qualities that not only have a calming effect but can also lift up your mood.

Here is a classic London fog recipe:

  • Earl grey tea (as much as you want)
  • Milk of your choice (I prefer whole or even half and half)
  • Vanilla syrup (my husband likes sugar free Torani syrup, but any works, or you can use honey or a natural sweetener of your choice)

The best part about this drink, is it’s all based on what you like. So feel free to play around with the amounts of everything until you find your perfect mixture. Personally, for a 16oz cup, I like to add about 1/4 cup heated and frothed half and half, and 2 squirts of syrup. You can use any type of cream including dairy free coconut milk or almond milk.

Another option is to have an iced London fog. These in particular are my husbands favorite! To make these you brew your tea, you can either wait for it to cool in a fridge or freezer or use “cold brew” mode or “over ice” mode on certain coffee makers. You can add as much ice as you prefer. Next add in your sweetener of choice then add your cream of choice. Super simple, and super delicious!

If your looking for a drink to get you going in the morning or even calm you down after a long day at work, try a London fog. Experience for yourself the sweet, cozy comfort of this amazing drink. Also, if you discover you love the smell of a London fog, as I do, then check out our earl grey line of skincare products.  Above I mentioned some health benefits of earl grey tea, but that is not all, it is also great for your skin. Earl grey can reduce redness and swelling, even skin tone and shrink pores. This sweet, delicate scent is a fantastic addition to our all natural liquid soap, lotion, lip butter bath blasts and bath salts. Treat yourself to a London fog bath with either our bath blasts or bath salts. You deserve to experience the tranquil and calming affect of earl grey! Check out our earl grey products NOW.