Spirulina- Ingredient Highlight

Spirulina- Ingredient Highlight

Posted by Kelsey Johnson on 15th Jan 2021

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that grows in both freshwater and saltwater. It also happens to be one of the oldest life forms on Earth. Spirulina grows naturally in mineral-rich alkaline lakes which can be found on every continent, often near volcanoes. It grows best in environments that have moderate temperatures, and very high levels of sunlight. The largest concentrations of spirulina today can be found at Lake Texcoco in Mexico, Lake Chad in Central Africa and along the Great Rift Valley in east Africa.

For centuries, people around the world cultivated and cherished spirulina for its amazing health benefits. For example, the Aztecs harvested the algae from Lake Texcoco in Mexico. The native people in Chad, Africa have also used the algae as a primary staple in their daily diet.

Sprulina is loaded with proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. While many use spirulina as food or a supplement, it also has a lot to offer in terms of skincare.

Here are six ways spirulina can benefit your skin:

  1. Spirulina contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, calcium, iron and phosphorus, all of which are vital for your skin’s health. These vitamins work wonders for your skin, making it look young and toned.
  2. Spirulina can treat dark circles and dry eye symptoms. Its detoxifying effects give your eyes new energy and power, removing dark shadows and dryness.
  3. Spirulina contains tyrosine, vitamin E or tocopherol, and selenium, all of which contain anti-ageing properties. Tyrosine actually slows down the ageing of skin cells. The antioxidants in it eliminate free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing.
  4. Spirulina helps skin heal faster.
  5. Spirulina eliminates toxins from the skin to increase skin metabolism.
  6. Spirulina can also prevent candida overgrowth that can cause acne breakouts.

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