Why You Should Love Huckleberries

Why You Should Love Huckleberries

Posted by Dawn Costello on 7th May 2017

You may hear people talking about Huckleberry’s and think what the heck is a huckleberry? I certainly did! Until I moved to Missoula, MT I had never heard of a Huckleberry. I would consider myself a true Huckle-A-Holic these days. Those of you that know of this magical berry may understand all the hype. If not, then you are in the right place!

This “purple gold” only grows at an elevation of 2,000 to 11,000 feet and these plants thrive on the acidic soil of the mountains. The bushes can range in size, but around here they are usually around mid-thigh height. Huckleberries have a wide range of benefits, but we will get into that a little later.

If you have ever been Huckleberry picking, then you understand the self-sacrifice you must make to gather more than what you can fit in your mouth. Let’s be honest, no one wants to spend hours upon hours picking tiny little berries until you have early onset of arthritis. Am I right??!! If this is you, then you can always travel to any local farmer’s market and there will be oodles to choose from, but be prepared to open-up that wallet and shovel the money out because they are VERY expensive. So back to the early arthritis option……All you really need is something to put the berries in. Or according to my father-in-law, you don’t want to forget your kitty litter pooper scooper (let’s just hope it’s a non-used pooper scooper) because it’s a lot easier to comb the berry bush with that than pluck each individual berry. Usually you can gather enough berries to make a small delightful pie or crisp of your choice. I honestly don’t understand how people can come home with a 5 gallon buckle full, but hey some will say I am not that patient of a person. Either way you are victorious with blue stained fingers and lips, as well as accomplishing a little family bonding.

Did you know Huckleberries belong to the Ericaceae family? Did you know they are not only delicious, but have many medical purposes as well? No….? Well, they are! Huckleberries have vitamin A, B and C but also contain potassium which is useful to your body in many ways. This berry can boost your immune system and keep those awful flu and cold bugs at bay. With that being said let’s talk about the benefits of using this wonderful berry along with organic plant based oils on your skin! DAYSPA Body Basics carries a variety of products containing this super-berry. All of our products are all natural as well as hypoallergenic. We strongly believe in "Junk Free" ingredients, so whether you are looking for a hand-made bar soap or a luscious lotion that will leave your skin feeling like butter, you are in the right place. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want that baby soft skin that you were blessed with at birth back once again? Count me in!