Canning, Should You Give It a Try?

Canning, Should You Give It a Try?

Posted by Kelsey Johnson on 30th Nov 2021

Are you an avid canner? Has your family passed down throughout the generations amazing recipes that your friends envy? If so, you have an advantage that many of us do not possess. That doesn’t mean that those of us who have never canned can’t learn!

For those who are not yet skilled at the art of canning, have you ever found yourself at the store passing by the canning jars, and think to yourself, “I should try to can!” but… never do? Many of us have been in that exact situation. We have the desire but we can get intimidated or distracted. I am here to tell you that you CAN DO IT! If canning is something you would like to try, then try it! This is a perfect fall for you to start your own canning project.

Six Common Reasons Why People Can:

  1. Health: Concern for BPA in many commercial canned foods is on the rise. This has motivated many to can their own food. If you can your own food you have control over what you put in it. It is a great way to guarantee BPA, preservative free and healthy food for you and your family.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Canning your own food reduces the waste associated with pre-packaged foods. The jars are reusable. Your produce is going from either the store/market or garden straight to the can, so no traveling thousands of miles across the country on a truck that is spitting out harmful exhaust.
  3. Financial: You may be surprised to know that those fancy jams that you drool over in the local store can be reproduced for pocket change. If you buy produce when it is cheap and in season, you can get large amounts for a fraction of the price. This is a perfect time to stock your pantry!
  4. Sentiment: Some feel canning is a powerful connection to the past – to culture, family and heritage, and they are absolutely right. Many families enjoy learning how to can from their moms, grandmas and even great grandmas. It is a perfect opportunity to bond with family and friends, and a great project for parents and their children.  
  5. Preserve Personal Harvest: Do you have your own garden? If so, you understand how overwhelming it can be when you are swimming in tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers. Pack the excess of the season into jars and avoid waste. If you’ve got a garden that is producing like mad, the most sensible step is to embrace home canning.
  6. Passion & Personal Satisfaction: We all enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. Canning can do exactly that. After you've put in the work, you and your family get to enjoy the healthy, delicious fruits of your labor. Once you discover you can do something, and you can do it well, it inspires you to continue. So why not learn this crafty art and experience the satisfaction it can bring.

If you would like to try a fabulous recipe, here is one of our friends famous sauerkraut recipe:


  • Pickling salt
  • Tart green apples
  • Garlic
  • Cabbage


Shred a head or two of cabbage, then add all of the other ingredients into your crock pot or another pot of your choice, as long as it can close air tight. Mix well, and press thoroughly. Repeat this layering process until your crock pot is as full as you would like. Keep in mind, you need to add a lot of salt. It is better to have too much salt than too little. If you have too much salt you can always rinse before eating, but if you don't put enough salt then it will rot. The mixture will stay in the crock pot with a weight on top and completely seal it off from any air getting in to it for 2 weeks to a month or more, until it is fermented. Then you can put it in individual jars, packed tight. Last you will need to put the jars in a pressure canner because its not quite acidic enough to just go in a water bath.