What Is in Your Hand Sanitizer?

What Is in Your Hand Sanitizer?

Posted by Kelsey Johnson on 5th Jun 2020

Hand sanitizer is a popular item right now. Understandably, because of the pandemic that has dramatically effected so many around the world. People have become more and more aware of the dangers germs present. Of course washing our hands with soap and water IS THE BEST thing to do to prevent the spread of harmful germs, but that is not always an option. We also have learned the importance of social distancing, but we cannot always avoid high traffic areas like grocery stores, gas stations and even medical clinics. In those cases it is convenient to have your own hand sanitizer available.

Some enjoy fruity or pretty smelling scents, but there are a lot of people who are very sensitive to strong smells, especially when it comes to hand sanitizer. Do you struggle with headaches from strong scents? Thankfully there is a solution. Here at DAYSPA Body Basics we have made an unscented hand sanitizer that effectively kills germs without a overpowering scent. 

We also have some scented hand sanitizers such as Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon Thyme. They all have a light scent from essential oils without a sticky residue. Many that are sensitive to strong scents, find they can still use our scented versions. There is a BIG difference between lavender fragrance and pure flower oil. 

Personally, I was most excited about trying the Lemon Thyme scent and I was not disappointed! I LOVE the smell! I really enjoy citrus scents and this scent is crisp and sweet, but not overwhelming. 

Another issue that has come up with some hand sanitizer is that people are having skin reactions after using it multiple times. The main problem is that many companies are using isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol has harmful chemicals added into it, these chemicals cause allergic reactions for a lot of people. Why use this kind of alcohol? The simple answer - it is cheap to buy. Our skin is our largest organ, so everything that we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. That is why we need to be very aware of what we chose to put on our skin. Sadly a lot of companies are using isopropyl alcohol and other unnecessary chemical fillers in order to save money. We use 100% safe ingredients in our hand sanitizer. First of all we use ethyl alcohol which is made from natural plants, also known as “green” or “grain” alcohol. We use naturally-derived glycerin, witch hazel and aloe to help leave skin feeling soft and moisturized — without a sticky residue. We do not use fragrances, only essential oils.

When you hear the word "natural" or "sensitive", do you automatically think ..... "Must not be effective!' Thankfully that is NOT true. Our hand sanitizer kills 99.5% of germs and bacteria. The CDC recommends using hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% ethyl alcohol. We use 62% in our sanitizers. Yes, our hand sanitizer is effective, and at the same time, safe and sensitive. 

A really cool aspect to our hand sanitizer, is that you can use it to disinfect surfaces! This is great for public places when you need to use shopping carts, public credit card machines or even in your car. What do I mean by in your car? Think about how often you touch the steering wheel, door handles or even the shifter. Our hand sanitizer is a great way to kill germs and smells great, if you so choose to use the scented option. You can also use it in your house which will leave your house smelling fresh and clean.

Our 2oz spray bottles fit perfectly in your purse or travel bags and the resealable lid will protect from any spillage. We have an 8oz gel hand sanitizer available as well. 

Head over to dayspabodybasics.com and order directly to your house! Of course remember that washing your hands with soap and water is the most effective way to prevent the spread of harmful germs. Also keep in mind scrubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds in order to get the best results. If you would like some helpful information and tips on washing hands please check out our blog “5 Steps To Wash Hands The Right Way.” Please stay safe and healthy!