Autumn = Cold Season

Autumn = Cold Season

Posted by Dawn Costello on 21st Sep 2017

Aww fresh air! This summer here in Montana has been far from pleasant, dare say MISERABLE! The 2017 fire season in Montana has been devastating for many people and communities, more than one million acres of land has burned. More than 4,000 firefighters have been involved in the battle against the fires this season; two of them lost their lives fighting fires in western Montana. We welcome the beautiful fall weather with its abundance of precipitation. Even though we may have been dying of smoke, this change in weather and the oncoming winter misery also means cold & flu season

According to the “Center for Disease Prevention and Wellness”, there are over 200 different viruses that have been identified to be associated with the common cold. With that being said, what can we do to give our bodies a little boost when we are feeling down in the dumps? Personally, I like to use natural remedies when they are available. I turn to our Cold/Flu line of products. DAYSPA Body Basics offers a wonderful Bed & Body Herbal MistHerbal Balm, and Bath Salt. All three of these products are made with essential oils that are blended to combat cold/flu symptoms. The essential oils used have antimicrobial and antiviral properties. As an example, peppermint oil is used as a natural decongestant and fever-reducer. Each product will have a slightly different use but when used together this trio can help tremendously.

Are you still using the top selling Vicks on your baby? Have you read some of the ingredients? Inactive Ingredients: Cedarleaf oil, Nutmeg oil, special Petrolatum, Thymol and Turpentine oil. YES Turpentine Oil. An extract of the pine tree, turpentine oil is toxic if swallowed. Used as a paint solvent, turpentine aids in creating Vicks' signature vapors. How about a better alternative? Our Baby Cold Stick.

Now remember, any common cold/flu bug will have to run its course so try to get lots of rest and let your body do the work. Also, let’s not forget many of us have walking petri-dishes, commonly called children, and the public school year has commenced. So remember to wash your hands A LOT, and lock yourself in your room until……uhmm lets say April. Ok that may not be reality but we can all dream, right??! Anyways, try the products, they are AMAZING and you will never go back to that yucky store-bought stuff with who knows what in it.